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Dingrui Environmental Protection Equipment is a brick machine and stone processing equipment manufacturer from China. The equipment produced and processed by our company includes cement brick machines, terrazzo machines, curb machines, color tile machines, linear mills, thickness machines, non-burning brick machine, hollow block machines, palletizers, etc. using our machinery and equipment can produce all kinds of pavement bricks, terrazzo bricks, curbs, concrete roof tiles.

Most of the equipment produced by the company adopts high-quality imported electrical components. The equipment frame adopts high-quality steel, compression-resistant design, and user-friendly design, which can be realized by changing different molds. The production and processing of different bricks and tiles, from blanking to finished products Bricks and tiles can be completed in just a few seconds, with high production efficiency and high degree of automation. Various abrasive tools can be customized for production according to requirements, and equipment can be upgraded according to requirements in the later period.

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