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Product characteristics of terrazzo brick machine

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Product characteristics of terrazzo brick machine

The terrazzo brick machine is controlled by PLC, integrating Electromechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic, with high degree of automation and high forming pressure. The artificial stone products produced by the equipment have high density, high strength, low water permeability, less damage, accurate overall dimensions, many product varieties, complete patterns, clear texture and beautiful appearance. They are widely used in the laying of urban sidewalks, stations, subways, parks, squares, home floors, roofs and external wall insulation.

Product characteristics of terrazzo brick machine

1. Frame: it is made of cast steel and high-strength and high-quality steel through precision machining. High compressive strength, strong deformation resistance, good stability and durability.

2. Guide column: it is made of special steel and precision manufacturing process. The surface is plated with hard chromium and treated by special process, which has good sliding and wear resistance.

3. Die: it is made of "chromium 12 molybdenum vanadium" and other special die steel materials through forging, milling, cutting, grinding, carving, quenching and other processes. The die has high precision, high strength, good wear resistance, durability and no deformation.

4. Molding: after mixing the materials in proportion, they are mixed into paste by mixer to make them have good fluidity. The pressed product has clear edges and corners, high density and high strength.

5. Products: replace different molds to produce products of various specifications and shapes.

6. Feeding system: the quantifier adopts the sensing pneumatic driving skill. Under the effect of pneumatic cylinder pushing, it mixes and feeds materials, and the measuring cylinder quantifies. The feeding accuracy is high and the error is small.

7. Control system: computer control, man-machine interface. The control program selects the PLC control skills of Mitsubishi of Japan and delta of Taiwan, and applies the integrated planning of Electromechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic, so that the whole control system has a high degree of automation and good controllability. At the same time, it can achieve the purpose of simple training without professionals.

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