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What are the applications of terrazzo machine?

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What are the applications of terrazzo machine?

Terrazzo brick machine is widely used in urban pavement equipment. Because the cost is cheap, its design scheme and modeling design can be designed casually, with good comprehensiveness and unique style. It has no radiation, wear resistance, anti-skid ground and aging resistance. Its service life is very similar to that of natural marble. With the pursuit of perfection into nature, terrazzo brick machine has already become a new favorite of terrazzo floor decoration design.

What are the applications of terrazzo machine?

Terrazzo brick machine

1. Terrazzo brick machine is suitable for polishing terrazzo bricks and marble floor tiles

2. The specification is between 400mm and 600mm.

3. The terrazzo machine adopts multi station, multiple grinding discs, full-automatic transformation of stations, full-automatic grinding feeding, sorting and layer by layer grinding

4. The practical operation of terrazzo brick machine is simple and convenient. Generally, only one person needs to stand next to the equipment to ensure the safe grounding brick.

5. The production capacity is 12 ~ 15s / piece

6. The polished surface of terrazzo machine is smooth and smooth, which can compete with the finished natural marble

7. Terrazzo machine has stable performance and can be trusted.

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