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Hollow block machine


Forming time:35s


Yield:100 modes / h

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This model is QMJ4-35 Hollow block machine. There are two sliding bars moving up and down, and an independent vibration platform is set. It mainly produces concrete curb stone, revetment brick, slope protection brick, road brick, permeable brick, sidewalk brick, grass planting brick, road flower brick, footpath brick, road brick, etc. below 1000mm, which is the best choice for initial investors.

Hollow block machine

The machine has the advantages of simple structure and convenient operation. It can be produced without fixing on the ground. In particular, small construction teams in rural areas will stabilize their machines wherever they construct, and produce while constructing. The product cost is low, which greatly reduces the material cost of the building. The filler bricks of frame structure buildings required by builders can also be produced locally.

Hollow block machine

Theoretical yield

Finished product name


Number of blocks per board

Block / hour

Block / 8 hours

Block brick





Perforated brick





Standard brick





Characteristic advantage

Hollow block machine

Main features of Hollow block machine:

1. After many improvements, our Dingrui machinery upgraded the hollow Block machine of this model to 20 standard bread bricks per mold, effectively improving the production efficiency by 38%, which is also an effective way to save cost. In addition, we installed the secondary fabric machine in the upgraded configuration to realize the automatic and intelligent production of fabric supply;

2. Hollow block machine equipment can realize the change of brick production through the replacement of mold;

3. Four steel column guide, brick machine structure is firm and durable, and patented technology is applied to lengthen the guide sleeve;

4. By improving the degree of mechanization, human resources are effectively reduced, so as to achieve the corresponding production efficiency;

Hollow block machine

5. The automatic standardization die adopts the synchronous mechanism, so as to ensure that the produced products can be demoulded stably and have the same thickness standard, so as to greatly improve the yield;

6. Easily realize the functions of plate feeding, cloth distribution, vibration, plate output and pressing automation.

This type of hollow block machine can produce tile types: mainly produce concrete curb stone, revetment brick, slope protection brick, road brick, permeable brick, sidewalk brick, grass planting brick, road tile, footpath brick, road brick, etc. below 1000mm. This type of cement brick machine equipment is widely used in highway and municipal construction, which can fully meet the market demand.

Why choose Dingrui?

Decades of experience in the production of brick and tile equipment

• Henan famous cement brick machine and terrazzo machine manufacturer, Trustworthy brand

• With independent production and processing centers, products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions at home and abroad

Strictly control product process quality

• Hundreds of front-line workers provide guarantee for product development and technological innovation

• With dozens of unique craftsmanship, it has been praised by "Customers are trustworthy"

• Advanced environmental protection spraying equipment to ensure the beautiful appearance of the equipment

Professional service team, meticulous service

• Professional service team to serve you and escort your production

• Safe and efficient logistics distribution center to ensure accurate and timely delivery of equipment

• Provide customers with free installation and commissioning and personnel operation training services

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